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About The Author;

About The Author;

Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass. It’s about learning how to dance in the rain. ~ Vivian Greene (writer)

Hello friends! My name is Nandini. I am a housewife, and I am in that stage of life where 90% of people give up on body or health; maybe I would have also given up.


Why I’m telling this story in front of you all, because It’s the story of all housewives in the world, especially in India,

And my motive is to encourage all the women out there who go through this phase of life.

I got married in 1984, it’s been 36 years, and since then, I have been a housewife and happily married.

After marriage, I have encountered real-life struggles, which I never faced before the wedding, and now as I was the youngest daughter-in-law of a joint family of 15 members where my responsibilities were vast.

But my mom has always taught me to never give up on any situation in life. So took this life challenge and accepted it in my life.

After marriage, my life got changed by passing the time, and family responsibilities gradually

I started turning into an angry person from a cheerful person as my 16 years of marriage passed.

In these 16 years, I lost myself to become a good daughter-in-law, I also lost my inner self, self-image,

Life is just compromised in every manner. I used to cry out of anxiety and argued with my husband and everyone at home. Day by day, I became a very negative person. I thought no hope in my life. life goes on.

My husband was so much worried about my behaviour because I was not that kind of person.

One day I read an article, It wrote that such kinds of symptoms were known as identity Depression.

We both were dreamers and loved to travel all around. So, my husband got an opportunity; he accepted it and started working hard.

We both were dreamers and loved to travel all around. So, my husband got an opportunity; he accepted it and started working hard.

That was the turning point of my life. We built this business with our full efforts and got successful. But our success journey was not as easy as it sounds.

I love my name. My parents gift it for a lifetime. I must have to take it forward. Business Journey over these 22 years learned a lot, and now I am an entrepreneur.

It took 22 years for us to build the business. All our dreams come true. I got my name and identity back.

In my upcoming blogs, I will talk about Identity Depression. Many women struggle with this, and I will try my best to help them get out of this situation.

About The Author’s Life- Now it is time to share all that experience.

My Achievements

Beauty counsellors as well as Certified health expert and also a Certified by the social media marketing academy,

About The Author; Purpose of this blog

In this blog was that I would provide some assistance for all of you.

When my younger daughter was born, I slowly started to gain a lot of weight, and when I realized it was too late, to regret it.

For 15 years, I was trying to lose weight by giving in too much effort, and also spending a lot of money on therapies, and diets from different dieticians, gyms and yoga centres.

But all that was wasted, and this went on going on for several years. In 2019 I got my visceral fat checked, and I came to know, that according to my body weight, I was 30 years older than my actual age. I’m so worried about my health,

So I started researching how I can lose weight at this age as I was misguided because of asking so many people, and while studying, I did a diploma in nutritional science to solve my doubts.

At this 56 years of age, I targeted myself and lost 12kg in 6 months and more weight loss in progress.

I will share my whole journey here in my blogs with you, All of which include both health and beauty.

Now My motto of life is changed. I Want to help people who are suffering from this kind of situation.

I will share oil-free recipes that I had while losing weight. Share diet plans,

Nutritional info

Health facts

Workout routines for women and men of my age and above who have Several problems,

And skincare routines.

Positive thoughts

Hope my blogs will help you with all your problems. See you all soon.

About The Author;
About The Author;
About The Author;

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